Mr. Nordic

Above is Mr. Nordic. I've been drawing him obssessively over the past few days. An antagonist of a short story I've been.... brewing. It is very inspired by Phantom of the Opera. I love that gothicky feeling and the Victorian style. He's very sketchy here, so I'm wondering if he will look terrible cleaned up..

Anyway, I missed LCAD Major Rush Night. It's an event which students submit personal artworks and if accepted by the department heads, it'll be showcased. It seemed like a pretty big deal. However, I was just too sleepy to stay any longer :/ I hope it was great for those who went. I wanted to see what's up with the students' artworks.



So after a LONGGGG break, I decided I wanted to try some digital paintings. I haven't drawn ever since I upgraded my OS, so I wanted to test it out. But to my dismay.... the brush lagged and lagged and .... lagged. >:O I'm mad!!

Let's skip my nagging.. it's annoying. Here's a character I sketched up this afternoon waiting for College Skills to start. He's my first draft of an antagonist on my short story. I'll have to make him look younger though. Hmm... Yaaaa (Darn photoshop! AND I can't find my sketchbook)