Cafe Sketch + Gestures 01-24-2014

Cafe Sketch from 0128!

Some gestures I did from Karl Gnass's class about a week ago. I'd also use the 5 min to do various drawings of the pose to try to get the feel right.

(5 minutes)

(1 minute)

(Figure Turn-around-I still have so much more to learn for the turn around. T-T)


Update on various works and project

So below are some sketches I've done during the past couple weeks. 

^ Character sketches for a project I'm working on right now based on a tale by Brothers Grimm

^ Head sketches for Mark's class. He's a totally awesome dude.

^ Character drawings based on live model for Karl's class! Haven't had such a good figure class in awhile :)

^ Random character sketches