Some Painted

Another drawing colored.

A 2 hour acrylic painting from yesterday also. I haven't touched acrylic in so long, I missed it..

Drawing Hour(s)

Here are some drawings drawn last night accompanied by cheesey names.

The Multiple Faces of Sam Wilkins.

The Hounds are Loose


More Sketching

I have been sketching a lot, but I did very few finished pieces... Maybe that's why I haven't uploaded in a while. But since I renamed this blog a sketch blog, I will be piling sketches here! :)


His name is Irok. And no it does not mean "I rock". It stands for "I Run Over Kids" with his rinky dink bicycle he stole from another kid. He loves cats.

A sketch! I feel I am too impatient to draw neat little lines.

His hair is really flowy!


Experimenting and trying to find a good head.


Rough Sketch

I haven't drawn in a while so I quickly sketched these. I still have no idea what direction my drawings are going, but I hope it's going somewhere at least. And these are really rough sketches, I didn't feel like erasing any lines... ahh the inspiration is escaping me

Another sketch I found lingering in my folder. And as I looked through my old drawings, I feel I should continue the comic project I started years ago. I'm a bit excited now!


Let's trade

A quick sketch in photoshop... The frog suggests a lollipop trade. (The trees are tiny)



More sketches. Finally sitting down and drawing. So refreshing :)


Nell and new story

Came up with a new story idea! This one will be much more emotional than the previous one. So happy I thought of this new idea. One of the main character is Nell. \/

I noticed I didn't post any sketches I do, so here's some from February to present.

I love these little guys. They'll eat your brains while you're still alive.



I have been working endlessly on a "restaurant" scene featuring Robin. After redrawing the first key for at least 10 times, I finally got it! The scene has been fully inbetweened, but the hard part is to tie down/draw on model. Robin is such a difficult character to draw! Milt Kahl is such a great animator and artist. The only thing I can do now is to set the goal of becoming a better animator. Now, I'm off to finish the scene! Enjoy frame 1!



I have been doubting whether or not I should really produce my story as an animated short for a while now. It would be at least 5 minutes full of fully animated scenes and moving background. It would be way too much work for a solo project done in one year (planned to be senior project). But I keep adding new ideas to it instead of coming up with ideas that would produce shorter animated shorts! So one of these ideas was to add a new character, Siggy. 
She's a newly fired reporter, so when she sees Agent Cat (character in progress) and Noirdic being chased by the enemy, she stalks for an opportunity to report the event. She also falls in love at first sight w/ Agent Cat. He's just too handsome.

Also I found an old quick little sketch-paint for an assignment from last semester. hahah I love the egg. (You should view the bigger size!)


I finally gave in

So I finally gave in! I had lost my two tablet pens months ago, but I never wanted to buy a replacement for $100. So I gave in and bought the art pen instead for $60. It's okay, but I haven't fully utilized its full potential yet!

To celebrate, here's a quick sketch of Robin. (I'll be animating him for my final, so keep a look out!)

And here's Noirdic! I still can't seem to make him into an animate-able character. He needs more form.



Here is what I believe to be an almost finalized Noirdic design.

It was originally part of...

I have begun to notice people in my life drawing class have really interesting features. 


Plans going into ActioN!

For a couple weeks, I have thought of an animated short featuring my very own characters Nordic, Mr. Cat, the Oepids and his minions. These characters will be introduced soon! It'll be exciting! This will be my first attempt at a short.

I am feeling.... EXCITED. ESTATIC. SCARED. CREATIVE. with a runny nose...!

February Longer Poses: 20 min, 5 min, portraits

These are 20 minutes, 5 minutes, and 5 minutes portrait.

(Drawing this man was challenging, but fun. Wish I could draw him again.)

20 minutes

 5 minutes


20 min

5 min


5 min