Schoolwork~Comp & Color

Going to LCAD was an awesome choice. I drew a lot more than I would if I had decided not to go to college.  I'm really happy with LCAD right now, and next semester I will be taking my first animation class with Dave Kuhn!

Below are the works I like that I did in the Fund. of Comp&Color by N. Olsen. (awesome teacher and artist)

I had to compose studies consisting of only letters according to each design elements below. It was fun but very graphic design-ie.

The series of the guy smoking is actually a propaganda poster. I had to do variations of the b&w. It was actually one of the assignments that was most time consuming. *^*

For the below assignment, I had to do an abstract piece with targeted focal points. You can tell where the focal points are. I really didn't have any inspiration for another versions, so I turned in the one that took me 5 min -_-;; I hope Nathan doesn't see this 

This one is the final individual assignment (the final is to compose a digital notebook of all works done for the class). The 3 main characters are Mr. Nordic (on balcony), Mr. Cat, and... (not sure yet). But they have a complex relationship :P I'm planning to do an animated series on their stories.

I will post my figure drawing works next week! 


Mr. Nordic

Above is Mr. Nordic. I've been drawing him obssessively over the past few days. An antagonist of a short story I've been.... brewing. It is very inspired by Phantom of the Opera. I love that gothicky feeling and the Victorian style. He's very sketchy here, so I'm wondering if he will look terrible cleaned up..

Anyway, I missed LCAD Major Rush Night. It's an event which students submit personal artworks and if accepted by the department heads, it'll be showcased. It seemed like a pretty big deal. However, I was just too sleepy to stay any longer :/ I hope it was great for those who went. I wanted to see what's up with the students' artworks.



So after a LONGGGG break, I decided I wanted to try some digital paintings. I haven't drawn ever since I upgraded my OS, so I wanted to test it out. But to my dismay.... the brush lagged and lagged and .... lagged. >:O I'm mad!!

Let's skip my nagging.. it's annoying. Here's a character I sketched up this afternoon waiting for College Skills to start. He's my first draft of an antagonist on my short story. I'll have to make him look younger though. Hmm... Yaaaa (Darn photoshop! AND I can't find my sketchbook)


Something quick :P
So I can't seem to be finishing any type of artworks at all! The most I have spent with an artwork is less than 30 minutes.... Errr! I hope going to LCAD fixes this!


So I missed digital drawing terribly, and here's the result :3


New Project! 1.5 hour digi painting a day

Attempting new digital painting approach at the moment. I'll probably be trying a lot of different styles I've seen and try to make it original to my style... Hope I can

Well here's an experimental digital painting I did


First post!

Hey guys!! This is my first real, not-so-tangible cyber blog where I'll be posting artworks and drawings. Currently, I am still WAITING ANXIOUSLY for DECISIONS LETTERS from CalArts... Errrr it's taking too long... But I got accepted to Ringling Computer Animation! (: I'm happy. Anyway.... I have not touched my tablet in months! But using the tablet felt a lot easier for some reason... *^* Anyway (again), this is one of my first character design I painted quickly in Photoshop. I think it took 20 minutes to finish this or maybe less. 

And here are my life drawings I did back in October 2010. And yepp, I have newer ones but they're sitting safely in my locker. Well... I'll describe each of these drawings, what medium, paper size, etc.
This is drawn with pencil charcoal medium, they're 1 minute gestures and I was very keen on rendering proportions as accurately as possible.
This one is a 20 minutes long pose, drawn with sepia chalk.
Medium-Charcoal pencil, 20 minutes I believe.
1 minute gestures, charcoal pencil
10 minutes, sepia chalk or charcoal pencil :/
6-7 minutes (got to class late D:), charcoal pencil.
20 minutes, charcoal pencil (i love this model, she has great poses).

You might notice that these drawings have "dai" as the artist signature, and that I might be using someone else's artworks. But that is my name, or was... Before "Diana" my name was spelled "Dai-aenna" and hence the nickname "dai" was created!