Schoolwork~Comp & Color

Going to LCAD was an awesome choice. I drew a lot more than I would if I had decided not to go to college.  I'm really happy with LCAD right now, and next semester I will be taking my first animation class with Dave Kuhn!

Below are the works I like that I did in the Fund. of Comp&Color by N. Olsen. (awesome teacher and artist)

I had to compose studies consisting of only letters according to each design elements below. It was fun but very graphic design-ie.

The series of the guy smoking is actually a propaganda poster. I had to do variations of the b&w. It was actually one of the assignments that was most time consuming. *^*

For the below assignment, I had to do an abstract piece with targeted focal points. You can tell where the focal points are. I really didn't have any inspiration for another versions, so I turned in the one that took me 5 min -_-;; I hope Nathan doesn't see this 

This one is the final individual assignment (the final is to compose a digital notebook of all works done for the class). The 3 main characters are Mr. Nordic (on balcony), Mr. Cat, and... (not sure yet). But they have a complex relationship :P I'm planning to do an animated series on their stories.

I will post my figure drawing works next week!