Updates on various projects

^Fan art of the older Elsa design. Loved her collar and fashion. Added a few things to it though :p

^A couple exploratory sketches of my current characters for a project I'm working on "Eye of Egypt". I still can't come up with a solid design for Jane... Maybe she'll take on the look of the random girl design on the left!

^Older Dingley sketch plus new Jane design.

^Beat board sketches for my other working project, Bearskin! 


Some Mo' Cafe sketches + Character sketches

^ A daily sketch. Chon Chon ran into a rose bush and got a thorn stuck in his toe. He loves flowers, butterflies, and frolicking in fields of soft green grass.

Some Allie drawings. 

^Eli rough expressions. Designing male characters are difficult -.-

^ A guy posed like this for a picture. haha


February Gestures

Here are some gestures from the month of February!