Bearskin Character sketches Update

Here are some sketches a I've done for my ongoing project Bearskin right now. I'm in love with drawing Luce's facial expressions. 

Exploratory sketches for Luce.

Exploratory sketches for Allie and her 2 sisters

One of her sister! The art style looked too different, so I had to cast her aside.

Here's Allie in her mourning clothes and her being her cheery self. Next to her is her father.

And here is the complied presentation I put together for the class!


Colored sketch(es)

Attempted color! I'll be doing so more in the next few weeks and will be updating this post with more colored works :D

Here's today's daily #10, theme Bonnie and Clyde


"Eye of Egypt" and other sketches

Here are some story sketches for another project besides "Bearskin" that I am working on. This project, "Eye of Egypt" came to me as a surprise actually! I came up with the original concept last year.

Here are some other sketches for various story projects I am working on...