Some Painted

Another drawing colored.

A 2 hour acrylic painting from yesterday also. I haven't touched acrylic in so long, I missed it..

Drawing Hour(s)

Here are some drawings drawn last night accompanied by cheesey names.

The Multiple Faces of Sam Wilkins.

The Hounds are Loose


More Sketching

I have been sketching a lot, but I did very few finished pieces... Maybe that's why I haven't uploaded in a while. But since I renamed this blog a sketch blog, I will be piling sketches here! :)


His name is Irok. And no it does not mean "I rock". It stands for "I Run Over Kids" with his rinky dink bicycle he stole from another kid. He loves cats.

A sketch! I feel I am too impatient to draw neat little lines.

His hair is really flowy!


Experimenting and trying to find a good head.