First post!

Hey guys!! This is my first real, not-so-tangible cyber blog where I'll be posting artworks and drawings. Currently, I am still WAITING ANXIOUSLY for DECISIONS LETTERS from CalArts... Errrr it's taking too long... But I got accepted to Ringling Computer Animation! (: I'm happy. Anyway.... I have not touched my tablet in months! But using the tablet felt a lot easier for some reason... *^* Anyway (again), this is one of my first character design I painted quickly in Photoshop. I think it took 20 minutes to finish this or maybe less. 

And here are my life drawings I did back in October 2010. And yepp, I have newer ones but they're sitting safely in my locker. Well... I'll describe each of these drawings, what medium, paper size, etc.
This is drawn with pencil charcoal medium, they're 1 minute gestures and I was very keen on rendering proportions as accurately as possible.
This one is a 20 minutes long pose, drawn with sepia chalk.
Medium-Charcoal pencil, 20 minutes I believe.
1 minute gestures, charcoal pencil
10 minutes, sepia chalk or charcoal pencil :/
6-7 minutes (got to class late D:), charcoal pencil.
20 minutes, charcoal pencil (i love this model, she has great poses).

You might notice that these drawings have "dai" as the artist signature, and that I might be using someone else's artworks. But that is my name, or was... Before "Diana" my name was spelled "Dai-aenna" and hence the nickname "dai" was created!

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