I have been doubting whether or not I should really produce my story as an animated short for a while now. It would be at least 5 minutes full of fully animated scenes and moving background. It would be way too much work for a solo project done in one year (planned to be senior project). But I keep adding new ideas to it instead of coming up with ideas that would produce shorter animated shorts! So one of these ideas was to add a new character, Siggy. 
She's a newly fired reporter, so when she sees Agent Cat (character in progress) and Noirdic being chased by the enemy, she stalks for an opportunity to report the event. She also falls in love at first sight w/ Agent Cat. He's just too handsome.

Also I found an old quick little sketch-paint for an assignment from last semester. hahah I love the egg. (You should view the bigger size!)


  1. Ahhh!!! Cute egg!! and I LOVE siggy's design!!!!

    1. thank you! Siggy actually started as a drawing for the enemy, but instead, she turned to Siggy. Her name is weird though -,-